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Training and racing cannot be complete without a well structured support group. Equipment, nutritional products, hydration, and guidance on understanding different demands of the body are essential components to consider. These companies are industry leaders in their respective fields. Their customer service is outstanding and their knowledge of athletes' needs and products is a comfort and advantage as training turns to racing. While nutrition, for example, has to do with personal preference, BTR athletes have the opportunity to purchase products with a discount as well. 

Ventum - Radical Design; Radical Results

The Future of Speed

Ventum is leading the way on revolutionizing the triathlon bike industry, creating bikes for triathletes' needs.

Fleet Feet Sports - Whether in Montclair, NJ or going to any of their shops around the country, Fleet Feet has a knowledgable staff that is ready to analyze your gait and get you running out the door on the right pair of shoes.

With multiple locations in the Northeast, Fit Werx is a proper fit studio, focused on the rider's needs. Fittings and bikes to maximize your potential.


Redefine the Standard. ROKA brings the best to the sport of triathlon. Try on a suit, feel the speed. 

Racing can be taxing enough. Take the mental stress of nutrition out of the equation with Nicci Schock and Elevate by Nicci. Whether in NYC or across the country, Nicci is there to help you understand and improve your body's nutritional needs. 

Cramps? Dehydration? Struggle in the heat? Precision Hydration has different electrolyte supplements to help you customize your hydration strategy. 

Klean Athlete is a line of nutritional supplements that is NSF certified for sport. Each batch is confirmed to be free of contamination and is designed to help the athlete achieve peak performance. Their goal is simple - be a more effective, healthy athlete. 

Breakthrough products; cutting edge research; all natural ingredients. PacificHealth Labs is designed to help support the athlete before, during, and after training. In addition, PHL arms athletes with the latest knowledge in exercise performance. 

Powered by SuperStarch, UCAN is a natural, slow-releasing carbohydrate that keeps blood sugar stable and delivers steady energy for your brain and body. Steady energy for the long haul so you can focus on performance rather than your stomach.

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