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As a coach and athlete, I have the opportunity to work with individuals in many different areas and levels. From high school runners to elite distance runners and triathletes, we continue to strive for ways to improve and earn success while balancing our daily lives. If you are interested in working together, contact me for an introduction and we can get to work on a personalized and customized approach so your training will help you meet your goals.

“I am a marathon runner. I started working with Alden as my coach in the spring of 2017 – we had previously been training partners – thinking it would be an easy transition/similar training to my previous coaching situation. It was an easy transition, however, the training is different (in a good way). We added in two swim days, I do a lot more of my runs by time instead of distance (but he mixes in both), and workouts are more varied – some on the road, some on the track, some by time, some by distance. For someone used to running 90-105 miles per week when training for a marathon, running only 50-70 miles was a huge change and involved a lot of trusting in the training and the process. In 2018 I ran four races – a marathon, a 25k, and 2 5ks. I ran a huge (5 minute) PR in the marathon and qualified to the Olympic Trials. I ran a 3 minute PR in the 25k. In the 5K I broke 18 for the first time, and then 3 weeks later took another 10 seconds off my time. So far I have gone into all my races excited to race instead of feeling burnt out. While I know that not every race will be “good” or a PR, I am looking forward to the second half of the year with some more big goals to go after.”


Alexandra, marathon runner

I have used [Alden's] plan, and I have found it to be very helpful.  There’s one thing that I truly love about it — it gets results without taking over your life.  I can be a dad and a husband and a writer and a school administrator . . . and still make tangible improvements in my running.  And, on the flip-side, because I am running regularly and not burning out, I feel mentally sharp and have a constant source of energy to bring to my other activities.  


Steve, avid endurance athlete and runner


I raced the Pittsburgh Triathlon a few weeks back and came in 5th in my age group and 57th overall. Have to thank Alden Basmajian for hooking me up with a great training plan. If you guys need coaching look to Alden for some help. 

Aaron, Triathlete

After years of on and off cycling, I made the decision a year ago to train consistently and asked Alden to coach me. I love Alden’s workouts because they are...EFFICIENT - I’m increasing my power and endurance and still have plenty of time for family and work. VARIED - Each week feels fresh and new. PERSONALIZED - Alden takes into account how I rode each workout and is always building me up to meet the specific challenges of my next race. Thanks to Alden, I’m in the best cycling shape of my life!

Ben, Cyclist

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