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Training With BTR

Training is built on having a solid foundation of fitness and strength. After all, speed is just strength in disguise. You can't be fast without being strong enough to hold pace, maintain good form, and push through discomfort. All of these come with developing and maintaining a solid base. 

Periodization is the key to training and athletes will see their workouts both repeat and evolve during each phase of training. By repeating workouts, athletes can see their fitness take shape. By evolving workouts, athletes will test their form and identify key areas of reinforcement. 

Bike.Tri.Run. - Whether training for a 20k TT, your first triathlon, 10th 140.6, or a 5k to a marathon, the program we develop and maintain is specific to your INDIVIDUAL needs. Training is not a one size fits all approach and should not be tackled that way. Athletes have different strengths and weaknesses and as a coach it's my responsibility to tailor workouts for each person to address those needs. 

Services include:

  • Training consultations

  • Individualized training plans built to address your training and racing goals

  • Run programs ranging from 5k to marathon and anything in between

  • Triathlon training across all levels and distances

  • Cycling specific programs to nail down your next TT or increase fitness

  • Strength work

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