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Coaching at BTR

Encouragement. Positivity. Improvement. Success.

Coaching is an opportunity to create a path, guide an athlete along a course of improvement and help achieve goals. Training pushes individuals to new heights both physically and mentally and a coach is there to help the athlete realize these new accomplishments. 

Athletes at BTR are provided with an opportunity to develop their skills and potential in a structured environment that promotes physical growth and knowledge development. Through constructive feedback and encouragement, athletes are challenged to bring their best effort to each workout, learn from their results, and reach their goals. 

Working with athletes around the country means that there is a variety of backgrounds and abilities to individually address. That is the key. The workout regime, build and program is particular to the individual athlete. We are in constant communication in order to maximize the benefit of each workout. Even a workout that does not live up to expectations is still an opportunity to learn. Through communication and reframing the outcome in the lens of short term and long term goals the athlete can improve for the next training session and race. 

In conjunction with the coach, athletes are constantly developing these goals to drive their training and focus. Proper goals will help provide guidance for the athlete and coach as training develops and race day approaches.


After all, the only thing you can control is bringing your best self to the starting line. With that, here's one question to get you started with your journey. 

What did you do today that I can do BTR tomorrow?

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