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What devours all things?

This devours all things. Leaves you grasping and reaching for more but with a futility and inability to find extra. It wears away the strongest of strong and yet can great us the greatest gifts and chances to be with each other.

Recalling a great riddle from The Hobbit and changing it slightly, "this" is TIME. We are all searching for it. Time to hang out and relax. Time to enjoy our families. Time to play with kids, see friends, enjoy the outdoors all while managing our daily commitments and obligations.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Where do you find the time to train with three kids? How do you get to spend time with your wife? How do you do ____? Well, what if the experiences are shared? Now that's a game changer.

The other day, I was dragging to do my strength work until my wife pulled me along for it. Next thing I knew, one daughter was calling out intervals and the other was jumping in for different exercises. We talked between exercises. Huffed and puffed as we got tired. But most importantly, we smiled and laughed as we had a chance to spend time together. It's something totally normal for everyone in the house and it's a part of who we are individually and as a collective family.

Time isn't limitless. We need sleep. We need to relax. But we also have interests. What if some of those things overlapped? Kim and I have made health and fitness part of our every day life. That means it is important to us and by extension, our kids see the same thing. They want to be part of it and have fun being part of it. As they get older, they can join for runs either on a bike or their own feet, they can join for laps in a pool, and apparently, they can even join for one-legged pushups in the basement during a strength set.

Time is right there to be had. You don't need to go find it. Use it and enjoy it together.

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